Friday, December 5, 2008

Camp Registration is Open

The Library and Information Technology Association (LITA) is pleased to offer:
LITACamp, The Everywhere Library: Creating, Communicating, Integrating
LITACamp, a library technology un-conference, is scheduled for:
Thursday & Friday, May 7 & 8, 2009
OCLC Conference Center in Dublin, OH
LITACamp features a community-driven format. There is no pre-determined session topics or presenters, other than the two daily keynote sessions. Participants create and lead the sessions. Participants determine the topic and format of the sessions, sign up for time slots, and pitch session ideas to all. This format encourages collaboration, interaction, discussion, and real-time innovation.

Our keynotes will be delivered by notables known for pushing library technology to directly serve patrons, and are designed to stimulate discussions and ideas and energize the days' sessions.
Our Keynoters for this year include:
Joan Frye Williams
John Blyberg
Visit the LITACamp wiki for the most current information about the camp, including registration and housing.
Librarians, information technologists, students and trustees from the user-centered information community are all encouraged to attend this un-conference focused on timely discussions of current library issues, determined by the participants themselves.


cwood said...

Isn't it slightly incongruent to discuss the Everywhere Library and yet be required to travel to Ohio to do it?

Mark Beatty said...

So you're suggesting an everywhere unconference to discuss the everywhere library... I'm looking forward to your organizing that (grin). I do think it would make a great topic for the camp. Head over the wiki and list it. There's always a bunch of discussions about delivering continuing education and conferences to anyone everywhere etc. How do we do that in a cost recovery and effective manner?